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Open Calls for 2014

All submissions must adhere to the Submission Guidelines. A download of our house style and submissions format is available on the Submissions page.

Taking Flight
Epic Tails

Deadline: June 15th, 2014

Whether angels, demonics, birdfolk, elves, or the Tuatha de Dannan, we have always been fascinated by wings. For this anthology, we ask for your greatest erotic fiction with wings. Let us touch the soft feathers or spidersilk and be wrapped in them, strange sensations against flesh. All pairings welcome, all genres considered.

Pairing: Any (M/M, F/F, M/F, Trans* inclusive) erotic

Happy ending required.

Expected Release: September 1st, 2014

Deadline: March 15th, 2014


Adventurous bunnies, daring foxes, magnificent furries of all kinds come out to play in this anthology. Adventure and swashbuckling encouraged, all genres welcome. While we welcome romantic plots, let's close the door and make it family friendly. Anthropomorphic only, no shifters. 

Pairing: Any, no erotica.

Happy ending required.

Expected Release: June 1st 2014

Somewhere Out There
Candle in the Dark

Deadline: September 15, 2014

Deck the halls, and pull out the holly and the ivy. The longest, darkest night of the year should be brighter because of the warmth of romance and the heat of passion. Winter holidays abound in this anthology, with a wide welcome to any traditional (or inventive) winter holiday. Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Saturnalia, or Solstice, if your boys celebrate it, we want their story. 

Pairing: M/M erotic

Happy ending required.

Expected Release: December 1st, 2014 

Deadline: December 15th, 2014

Beyond our understanding lies a great, wide galaxy full of adventure, romance, and very, very hot beings. This anthology is fully science-fiction, both far and near future, with or without dystopia. Introduce us to your finest worldbuilding and storytelling, and show us your view of the future...and who will be with whom in it.

Pairing: Any (M/M, M/F, F/F, Trans* and Poly inclusive) erotic

Happy ending not required, though Happy For Now encouraged.

Expected Release: March 1st, 2015 



Note: This is a line, not just an anthology. With a good response, we'll be launching a SF/F line. Therefore, submissions for this call should be 3k-15k for the anthology, but 15k-100k will be considered for simultaneous release. 

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